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Did you know that you can burn 20 calories per minute jumping rope??? Well it is true and all you need is a good jump rope, some space and some intensive motivation!   You may want to start off slow because consecutively jumping for 30 minutes is not easy. Here are a few ideas to get you jumping for joy!   Jump rope to music, this will motivate you to keep the pace up for the duration of your favorite song(s).   Jump in intervals so that you speed up and slow down to keep from stopping.   Move...

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THE 30 DAY BETTER YOU CHALLENGE  * NO EXCUSES JAN 2 – JAN 31   THE GOAL Each person has an individual goal for success, for some it may be to lose 20 lbs and get on a healthy exercise plan that fits into a normal way of life. Others may want to change the way they look at food and to develop a short term goal that may satisfy a need to stick to a resolution.  Whatever your mission, whatever your need, this time you have the beauty of reaching your goal together with your fellow Forty Fifty...

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For some going to the gym is a chore and it requires much motivation and self talk. For these people anything can happen to deter them from fulfilling their scheduled time in the gym. A call from a friend, a show on TV and even a slight headache that might be coming their way. Then there are the gym rats, the people that can’t get enough of being in the gym. They are known to always be there. They take classes, ride the bikes and hang out by the weights. There is nothing that can keep them from going,...

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Spin class has grown into one of the best go to ways to torch off the calories in a fun and stress free environment. Riding a stationary bike to music, a very enthusiastic spin instructor and some willpower is all that you need to get in gear in this high impact class. It is best to start off slow and work your way up as you acclimate yourself into this very rewarding form of exercise. The right class could be so much fun that you forget that you are working out. Classes that incorporate great music and high energy...

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