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It’s no secret that race relations all around the world is under a microscope and that particular groups of people are being looked at with the side eye. For some it is one of the worst times to be a minority and for others it’s business as usual. But somewhere in between are people that don’t see color and are living in 2017 in black and white. For them the true shades of color don’t include bigotry, hatred, discrimination or anything hurtful. Their view of color is a rainbow of love, commitment and overcoming the stereotypes of what love...

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There is no one more proud of a good woman than her mother and the older you get the more pride she will have in calling you her daughter. This unbreakable bond began long before you called her “mommie” and her protection started way before she looked into your little eyes.   Most women raise their girls in the image of themselves and regard their little mini-me as a second chance to do all that they wished they could have and to perhaps give their little darling all the things they wished they had. Whether it was chauffeuring you...

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There’s not many things cuter than an itty bitty puppy!  You discover this when you open that big red box with a pretty white bow and a puppy pops out! Most people will “ahh” and “oooh”, hug it, kiss it and cuddle it like a baby. It takes about a good three hours before you realize that the gift you were just given is now yours and so is the work!  Yeah it’s a gift and let’s be honest a very cute one at that, but is it really a gift when you will be inheriting the duties of...

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So it’s date night and someone is late again. Regardless of the reason, the waiting spouse is getting more annoyed as the time moves along. The inner conversation begins, “why am I always the one on time? “I bet he forgot” or “she is so inconsiderate of my time”. Your relationship for the most part has been wrinkle free. No major arguments, equal time with TV shows and  a good amount of laughter. Sure you’ve passed each other like two ships in the night but despite the busy schedules you’ve even been hitting the one time a week sex...

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As we age, going to bed and actually going to sleep can be two separate challenges. Getting enough rest is not over rated, to function properly it is a must. Lack of sleep is a contributor of many illness, weight gain, stress and accidents. The optimal amount of sleep that is required varies from person to person, however, the average person does best with 7-9 hours nightly. There are many factors that can possibly stand in the way of you counting as many Zzzz’s as you’d like. Too much stimuli in your bedroom, work schedules, various medical conditions, a...

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