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The next time you board a flight or hop on a train don’t forget that your best friend will be your water bottle! Traveling can be the culprit in dehydration, jet lag, exhaustion, thirst and leg cramping but drinking an adequate amount of water can help reduce the negative effects that travel can bring. In addition water helps to flush out and clean your internal organs and this is particularly important  while you are traveling through new places around new people.   Drinking half your weight in ounces is recommended daily but before, during and after travel it is...

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Most people don’t get a passport until a trip is planned and then they scramble around at the very last minute only to receive it (if they’re lucky) at the last possible minute. Why not get ahead of the curve and simply go into your nearest Public Library and just do it! The process is quick, painless and easy to do. Here are the steps below that will put you on the map and join the rest of the world in flashing your very own passport!!! I guarantee that you will be amazed with the process.  Safe travels 🙂...

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Relationships are tough and require work to make them successful. Whether you’re dating, engaged, married or otherwise; merging two people with different ways of thinking and doing things is always going to have some challenges every now and then. Any two people in a relationship that’s worth being in should do what is necessary to be happy. If you’ve never gone on a couple’s retreat, you and your significant other should consider the experience. Devoting time to each other in a couples setting can be just what the doctor ordered without the white coat and couch. What should a...

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Maybe you’ve heard about this company, maybe you haven’t but Aibnb is shaking up the hotel and resort industry like Uber did the transportation industry. Airbnb is a trusted marketplace for people to list and book unique overnight accommodations around the world online or from a mobile phone or tablet.  Not only can you travel and stay overnight for fun or work, you can become a host and rent out your primary or secondary home and earn great money. Maybe you’re looking for an apartment for a night, a castle for a week, a palacios villa for a month,...

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The real test of any relationship is a Road Trip! The better compatible you are with your travel partners, the smoother the trip will more than likely be. With a little preparation, patience and consideration, your next road trip could be smooth as the road. How to take a road trip without anyone trippin’: ORGANIZE YOUR TRIP Map out the trip, knowing the route, mileage and estimated time of arrival. Decide who will drive which portions of the trip. Agree on gas stops, restroom and food/lodging breaks. Determine co pilot responsibilities. Organize food and drinks that will be available...

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