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When was the last time you just laid back and just let go of all your worries and stressful concerns?   Have you ever thought about just relaxing as the water flows through you, over you and under you all in a peaceful and  serene environment?   FLOATATION THERAPY is an amazing therapeutic water experience whereby the mind, body and soul are submerged into the ultimate level of distraction free mental utopia.   FLOAT TANK can be designed various ways on the outside but inside water and epsom salts at 98 degrees fahrenheit create buoyancy that allows an effortless,...

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It is not a question whether or not this world could survive without women since women are equally instrumental in home and work. All around the world women are standing in unity to demonstrate economic power, social justice and equal rights. Those observing are asked to wear red, not engage in paid or unpaid work and avoid spending. Housework and work outside the home are all sidelined for the day.   A letter has been prepared to be presented at work if necessary, “At an increasingly insecure time for the rights of women and other minority groups, it is...

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THE 30 DAY BETTER YOU CHALLENGE  * NO EXCUSES JAN 2 – JAN 31   THE GOAL Each person has an individual goal for success, for some it may be to lose 20 lbs and get on a healthy exercise plan that fits into a normal way of life. Others may want to change the way they look at food and to develop a short term goal that may satisfy a need to stick to a resolution.  Whatever your mission, whatever your need, this time you have the beauty of reaching your goal together with your fellow Forty Fifty...

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There has never been a better time than now to be middle aged!  Middle age is usually considered the halfway point of life expectancy.  Today most people live well into their 80’s and beyond. For women 40 is being considered the mid way point and 37 for men since the life expectancy is 6-8 years earlier than women. Family ancestry play an important role in life expectancy, so if your family tends to swing high on the older side, barring any unexpected circumstance you too can expect to have more candles on your birthday cake. The great news is...

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