A full closet with lot’s of everything is nice if everything is current and chic, but let’s face it most of us have decades of things ranging in various sizes, styles and eras.  Crazy thing is, when it’s time to go somewhere there is nothing that you want to wear. If keeping a bunch of clothes in your closet makes you feel good, go on but in the middle of it all should be ten stable pieces that you will want to keep fresh, clean and ready to snatch off the hanger!

  1. A sexy pair of jeans that look amazing and flatter your body
  2. A clean white crisp fitted buttoned down blouse
  3. A little black dress
  4. A navy or black tailored hip length jacket
  5. A power suit
  6. A  great quality pencil skirt
  7. A black scoop or V neck shirt
  8. A long dust jacket or sweater
  9. Boot legged tailored slacks
  10. A bold colored wrapped dress

Of course most people would need and want more than 10 items in their closet, but if you have all the other things along with these you will be covered.