There is no one more proud of a good woman than her mother and the older you get the more pride she will have in calling you her daughter. This unbreakable bond began long before you called her “mommie” and her protection started way before she looked into your little eyes.


Most women raise their girls in the image of themselves and regard their little mini-me as a second chance to do all that they wished they could have and to perhaps give their little darling all the things they wished they had. Whether it was chauffeuring you to ballet, watching you cheer in the rain for the losing team or hand making your halloween costume, your mom always wanted the best for you.


Whether or not you grew up with your mom as your best friend or worst enemy, your life added to the completion of her as a woman. As a child it’s understandable that you didn’t know that as you were growing up, so was she. Whether your mom was 20, 30 or 40 when she birthed you, she was still evolving into womanhood and having you added to her process. You never knew that it was trial and error for her, that she wasn’t actually a professional screamer or that you were her very own guinea pig with the food she made you eat!  And then it was your dad, the man that demanded that she raise a “perfect daughter”. Chris Rock said it best when he said that his job as a dad is to keep his daughter “off the pole”.


Your hardest critic, your biggest fan and your first true motivator, even if it was to get outta her belly! And no matter what type of mom she was, she left her mark on you and taught you all she knew about being a mom, a woman and friend. Hopefully you passed her love on to your kids, your spouse and others in your life and she taught you how to take her example to the next level. Whether she is still here on earth or is now a forever angel on your shoulder, you are her.


There are times when people do something goofy or reminiscent of what they saw their mom do and they joke and say “oh boy, now I’m acting like my mother”. That’s the circle of life and if you are honest, it’s the biggest compliment you can give yourself!