For some going to the gym is a chore and it requires much motivation and self talk. For these people anything can happen to deter them from fulfilling their scheduled time in the gym. A call from a friend, a show on TV and even a slight headache that might be coming their way. Then there are the gym rats, the people that can’t get enough of being in the gym. They are known to always be there. They take classes, ride the bikes and hang out by the weights. There is nothing that can keep them from going, in fact if they did their job as well as they go to the gym they’d be promoted monthly.

A habit is developed after 11 times of doing something consecutively

So what’s the big secret to sticking with a gym routine? First make a commitment and attach it to a goal. So if you’re  trying to lose 10 pounds, develop and schedule of activities that you will accomplish at the gym. Some people enjoy spin class, it’s great cardio and you burn excellent calories. When you leave a class like this one, there is no question whether you worked out. Second, find activities that you enjoy doing and look forward to. Classes are great because they are structured times and usually have regular instructors and workout buddies. Nothing is more annoying that to have someone say “where you been?” It’s also a nice idea to amp up on your workout gear, looking cute as you glance in the mirror will make you feel new and improved. Motivational self talk is key to preparing yourself to go, however telling someone that you are going to the gym at a specific time puts out a public commitment that you are more apt to keep.

Once you see improvement or results it is easier to continue   

Determining how much gym time is enough for you can only be done by actually going. Too much pressure to spend unnecessary time will only turn you off and be counter productive. It is recommended that as we age, we spend at least 20 minutes a day performing some sort of exercise. Walking is an awesome commitment to make to yourself and can be done anywhere.

Not going to the gym should not prevent you from exercising

This is very important to understand. There are two separate commitments here, one the commitment to exercise and two, the commitment to go to the gym. If you are unable to fulfill the obligation of where (the gym) that does not preclude you from what (exercise).

Any exercise should have a goal to achieve

If you are walking you want to either count your steps, measure your distance or time spent. Even a commitment to dancing should be attached to a time, say an hour of hip hop. Anything that you enjoy will not appear to be work so chances are you will continue. It is also nice to alternate between activities so that you stay engaged.  Working out with people will keep you committed. A neighborhood walking group or walking at lunch with coworkers is an awesome way to put in the time while bonding and catching up with all sorts of issues. So the next time you decide to not exercise remember that you owe yourself at least 20 minutes, doing anything and it’s not up for discussion!