The only people that can answer the worth of Christian Louboutin’s are people that have actually shelled out the dough for these high priced shoes. From my personal experience and experience of others, Hell yeah, they’re worth it. I love a company that is bold enough to ingeniously do something that hits the mark like the red lacquer trade mark soles have. They are recognizable, can be seen and embody sophistication. Worth comes down to one’s willingness to buy.

Here’s what some Red Bottom Buyers say…

  • “The design of the shoe is outrageous and I can wear mine with the assurance that it is highly unlikely that someone will have the same pair on.”
  • “When I go for that special dress I always want to grab them because they make my legs look so damn sexy and that makes me feel pretty.”
  • “When I am wearing my red bottoms, no matter what I have on jeans or a black dress, I always get compliments on them – always!”
  • “I like them alot, but they are tied with my Jimmy Choo’s, both shoes are the best.”
  • “Red bottoms take any outfit to the next level, they make a statement.”
  • “Love them, I just wish the bottoms would stay red, it’s a shame it comes off.”
  • “They are not just shoes, they are works of art and the fabrics and design are pure luxury.”
  • “I can be feeling ok about myself and when I put my bottoms on, my mood is elevated and my confidence is kicked into another level. Amazing shoes can do that!
  • “I have five pair and I am close to purchasing another pair, all my shoes would be LB if I could afford it.”

Well there you have it. Most ladies with red bottoms love them and would buy additional pairs if they could. If you are considering purchasing of a pair, here are some words of advice:

  • Christian Louboutins run small and sometimes narrow, so try them on even if you know your size, and of course walk in them!  
  • The high heels are extremely high, so if you opt for the highest of heel make sure you are comfortable with them for long periods of time.
  • Consider taking  them to a professional to treat the sole to help retain to the red lacquer, however do not trust them to anyone that is not a professional and familiar with the process. There are also covers that snap on the bottoms for outside wear.
  • If you are thinking of purchasing them online buyer beware, deal with a reputable company selling authentic merchandise.