Push through, jump over, shatter the glass ceiling however you can...break through to get to the otherside! It is critical to recognize that what is for you, is for YOU and the only one that can change the script is you.


Here are some ways to stop blocking your blessings and start building your TRUE  life.


  • Listen to your inner being. Get yourself in tuned to that inner voice.  Stop and listen, sometimes it’s a whisper.
  • Trust your inner voice and go with your first hunch or instinct.  Rarely will your instincts lead you wrong.
  • Be willing to make the move and free yourself, it’s scary but when you get to where you’re suppose to be you will look back and thank yourself.
  • Get up as many times as you are knocked down and look at it as the most positive quality in you.
  • Believe that where you are going is better than where you are or stay where you are.
  • Change your circle if you’re being limited by the people around you. If no one sees your vision, pop the bubble and get out!
  • Reach for more and know that your dreams may be big, but God’s dreams for you are bigger.
  • Get outta the way of yourself and let all the blessings find you.


Your success is like a great dinner with people at different place settings at the table. Maybe your table is just you, perhaps it’s a table for two or a table full of innovative thinkers . The people around your table are your support system. They are people that you can rely on, your circle of advisors. Your food is what fuels your thoughts and gives you energy to support your innovative ideas and to prepare for new ones.  Great food in, great ideas out. Your drinks are what connects you and binds you to the people at your table. The clinging of glasses are the sounds of celebration,  all that has happened and is yet to be. The chatter are the confirmations and the new miracles in your life.


Who’s at your table? What’s going into your body? What’s the fragrance and aroma like in the air? What are the toasts being made and words being exchanged?


Whether you are solo, with another or your table is full, it is time for you to recognize where you want to be, reach higher than your arms can extend, receive abundantly, rejoice in your success and best of all, reach back and resite to others.


Just food for thought!