Who would ever think this phrase was referring to your everyday comb? Well if you are noticing an unusual amount of strands in your sink or on your bathroom floor, your comb could be the culprit. Most regular plastic combs with rough edges and a line where the molds come together on the teeth can split and rip your precious strands.


Seamless teeth with no lines is one solution to a longer and fuller head of hair. If you’re going to cut corners, find somewhere else to cut and splurge on the comb! Some people opt to stop combing altogether and use their own fingers to untangle and smooth their locks.  To help you comb through the thought process, here’s the skinny on the comb!


Finger comb – Using your own fingers to gently glide through your hair to untangle and style. With this process you are able to control the amount of tension you are placing on your strands and it also allows you to sneak in a scalp massage  in the process.


Wooden comb – Is made of wood and does not have the sharp ends or line in the middle of the teeth. This comb works best over time once oils have settled in the wood allowing for more smooth passes through the hair. This comb is more pricy than plastic but well worth the extra money.


Bone comb – Is similar to the wood comb but is not as expensive. It is made of 100% organic resin and it too will become better as the oils embed into the wood. Neither wood or bone is intended to be wet.


Horn comb – Is the cadillac of combs and is of course the most expensive since it is made of keratin and glides through the hair shaft without weakening it. In fact, a horn comb smoothes the scales on the hair and closes and protects the cuticle. Made in France with an ancient craftsmanship makes this material more costly and harder to find.




The best way to decide what long term decision you make with the comb is to test it out for a few weeks and see if you notice a difference in the shedding and fullness of your hair. Put away all of your plastic combs, buy one moderately priced seamless comb and gently use your fingers to untangle your hair as infrequently as possible and see what happens.


If you like the results of your seamless comb test then you may want to step up to the plate and spring for the horn!


Good locks!