It’s hard to believe that New year’s Eve is creeping upon us  – again!  More and more people are probably starting to ask what you’ll be doing and so the countdown has begun.  Most people don’t actually start to think about New Year’s Eve until closer to the time.  Back in the day when we were younger and that’s all we had to think about, coming up with a plan was simple.  Now things are a bit more complicated. We consider the people that will be around us, the safety issues with all that is going on in the world, Who gonna drive once everyone starts drinking and cutting the rug.  Just to be able to welcome another year is celebration enough and it is understandable if another year of all the festivities is not your groove.


Here are some other options to consider:

  1. Bring the new year in from Church, it’s really a nice way to get centered and grounded by closing out one year while opening the blessings of another.  Perhaps breaking bread in a celebration breakfast after services will feed your belly and soul.
  2. Laugh your way through the new year in a comedy show, it will do you some good to kick back and enjoy the jokes and entertainment.  They will more likely take a break from the laughter to wish you a happy new year before returning to the next joke.
  3. Break some balls at your local Bowling Alley, organize some close friends and family to bring the new year in having fun together.  Enjoy food, drinks and in a high spirited environment.
  4. How about bringing the new year in at a spa party? Find a spa that would open up to a group of people that you coordinate.  You can sell tickets, one price will get you a strawberry mani, chocolate pedi and aroma chair massage.  The establishment will probably allow hors d’oeuvres and champagne.
  5. Find a dance studio or a fitness studio that will allow you to organize a dance marathon or some other physical activity while bring in the new year.  Great music and plenty of water will get you through this high powered evening. It may also be just the kickoff you need for your New Year’s resolution to drop a few pounds.
  6. Spend New Year’s Eve in a different part of the country and see now they celebrate it or don’t.