So it’s date night and someone is late again. Regardless of the reason, the waiting spouse is getting more annoyed as the time moves along. The inner conversation begins, “why am I always the one on time? “I bet he forgot” or “she is so inconsiderate of my time”. Your relationship for the most part has been wrinkle free. No major arguments, equal time with TV shows and  a good amount of laughter. Sure you’ve passed each other like two ships in the night but despite the busy schedules you’ve even been hitting the one time a week sex quota. So is it really that important to stick to date night?  The answer is definitely yes! Date night is a must and not just to check the box, there is a specific way to date successfully. Doing the same things like eating at the same restaurant or going out with the same friends is not the most effective date night experience for your relationship.  Accordinging to Author Aron, Professor of Social Psychology at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, the objective is to keep injecting novelty into the relationship. “New experiences activate the brain’s  reward system flooding it with dopamine and norepinephrine the same circuits that ignited in early love.” Anthropologist Helen E. Fisher of Rutgers conducted several studies on the same premise of romantic love and agrees with doing new things as a couple and says, “you’re altering your brain chemistry”.

So the next time you think about passing on date night just think about your spouse as you did when you first met. Do something different, it doesn’t have to be anything major just not the same place with the same people. Better yet, be impulsive sometimes the best plan is no plan at all!

10 Hot Date Night Ideas:

  1. Wine and sip class
  2. Cooking class
  3. Poetry night
  4. Side by side ped’s or massage
  5. Dinner in the park
  6. A local play
  7. Dance class
  8. A do it yourself project at home improvement store
  9. A night out at a sports bar
  10. A date at a local comedy club