You bought your home years ago to meet the needs of your growing family but now that you and your hubby are empty nesters your needs have changed and quite possibly so should your home. As the kids leave there is nothing wrong with changing the function of your home and perhaps that means downsizing.  Sure there are cherished memories that keep you bound to your home. There were birthdays, family holidays, many family dinners and cookouts in the summer that took place over the years. But as time changes so do our spaces and instead of looking at all of the things that you will lose, look at the things that you will gain. A new lease on life is always welcomed. Starting over in a new clean space is a blessing in disguise. Downsizing gives you the opportunity to get rid of an accumulation of stuff (ok, I’m gonna say it…junk). No matter who you are, no doubt there are things and stuff that you can part with. Someone’s trash is another’s treasure and so we must purge and let go to make space for the new.

Here are tips if you are considering a downsize:

  1. Talk with your mate to get understanding and clarification of your current home needs and expectations.
  2. Purchase a few home magazines to look through as a couple so that you can begin to visualize needs and wants in a new home.
  3. Begin looking in each room of your home and create a list of items that you will keep, sell or trash.
  4. Once you have a good ideas of the must items that will travel with you to your new home you will have a better idea of the space needed.
  5. You may want to now contact a Real Estate agency to come over and discuss your options for selling as well as buying.
  6. Plan a garage sale for the items you wish to sell.  Don’t make the mistake of not giving your family first crack at the items you will not be keeping.
  7. Begin to formulate a list of ways to spruce up your home for staging.
  8. Compile a list of neighborhood businesses that will be apart of your transition.
  9. If you are moving to a different part of the country contact the Chamber of Commerce or realtor in that area for “welcome wagon” information.
  1. Begin talking with your service providers to discuss possible options for service.    

Once you are settled don’t forget to send a “just moved” postcard to your family and friends so that they are aware of your new address. Finally, take time to smell the roses in your new smaller home.