The jury has been out for a minute deliberating on whether or not Ear Candling is a viable way to remove ear wax and improve overall health. It is said to help with better hearing, aiding in chronic congestion, migraines and sinus issues. 


Ear Candling is the practice of removing earwax by burning a lit hollow candle and allowing the hot wax to flow down the candle into the ear. The candle is occasionally cut back with a scissor and the procedure is intended to remove ear wax through a heating and suction process.


According to the FDA, Ear Candling is not a procedure that is proven to work since the heated wax doesn’t create a vacuum to pull out residue. In addition, the wax from the candle does not encourage ear wax to drain out and consequently has been know to burn, perforate the eardrum and even block the canal. They say that this is not only a harmful procedure but is dangerous and can result in surgery.  


Instead the FDA encourages the use of warm mineral drops placed into the ear to melt the wax and it is therefore removed naturally from the ear or warm water in a shower with assistance of wash cloth to clean the ear.  


My personal experience leads me to believe that ear candling just may be a lot of hot air. Although I was fortunate enough to have no negative effects, I can’t say that the procedure made a significant improvement in my health since I had no real issues going in.  My procedure lasted an hour and was very relaxing. The technician was very professional and patient(shout out to Michelle at The Wellness Lounge in South Orange NJ). 


If you’re considering this method of ear cleaning I would consult your doctor for advice and check out some videos to see if this is a procedure that you could even follow through with.