Working an alternative schedule from a remote location sounds like an attractive proposition looking from the outside in, but before you start dreaming about this work life balance situation know that flexible jobs like anything else offer its pros and cons.


Studies have shown that people who work from home or “anywhere working”  

  • Work longer hours
  • Work more efficiently  
  • Network, socialize and collaborate more


While the traditional employee may go into the office and encounter all the normalities that one would encounter such as traffic, lengthy commute, office chatter, lunch time decisions and office politics. A telecommuting employee has no commute into the office, coffee or cooler talk distractions, lunch decisions or office gossip.


What exactly are considered as flexible jobs???

  • Parttime
  • Telecommute
  • Freelance
  • Commission
  • Temporary
  • Per diem
  • On call, substitution


Companies benefit from flexible employees because :

  • Some are hourly employees therefore saving on salaries and  insurance
  • Saving on office  space and enabling more employees without physical expansion
  • Greater work efficiency from remote employees
  • Providing a better work life balance to employees that prefer to work outside an office
  • The opportunity to hire the homebound and transportation challenged   


If you are considering telecommuting there are definitely rules of engagement:

  • Understand full expectations of the job, hours and responsibilities
  • Get up with the same attention to your office appearance and attire each day
  • Set a schedule similar to what would be expected in a normal office
  • Have an office space that is designated for your professional work area
  • Have all of the necessary office equipment needed for your efficiency
  • Communicate your work schedule with your family, friends, neighbors and others
  • Give yourself breaks and provide yourself with time lunch and other meals


With more companies giving value to this flexible work life balance option, it is a win win situation for both company and employee.

As young parents, retirees and those opting to work from home add to reducing to the morning rush and evening commute, companies will reach out to collect what’s being added to the bottomline – remotely of course!