There’s nothing like bringing the family together over the holidays and even though it’s always a great time, the preparation in hosting is a daunting task that sometimes forces you to question why you do it. Let’s face it, the real payoff is the love that you have for your family and for the need to be together in times other than distressing occasions. A stress free holiday starts with great planning. Knowing the amount of people that will be attending, putting together a menu of all the fixings and coming up with a few ideas for entertainment are great starting points for thought. The actual physical work begins with the house! Cleaning carpets, dusting off the china, washing glassware, shining up flatware, scrubbing the house down and organizing the kitchen for the chaos that will surely occur. It will all be worth it once your beautiful home, style and hospitality usher in the holiday and welcome your guests.

A house becomes a home when family is together


The best way to spruce up an area is to hit the walls with some paint. Once you have pulled everything from around the walls it is not a tough task. Using the right materials will have you done with the room before you know it. Prepping tape, roller brushes, paint pan, a drop cloth and a nice pop of color is really all you need to freshen up. Color can be used as a tool that can make a statement, set a tone or change your mood. Be prepared, your freshly painted room may have you wanting to head into other parts of the house. You will want your holiday guests and family to be comfortable so thinking about seating will be your next consideration. Sitting around the table if formal and other seating options if your dinner will be a bit more relaxed. For larger dinners is not uncommon for people to be seated in various parts of the house or perhaps renting tables and chairs from a local rental company.   

Small things make a big difference

Add some of the fall foliage into your home along with other plants and flowers to accent your holiday decorations. Don’t forget to add candles to set the mood and provide a fresh scent to compliment the aroma of the food. A focal point is always a nice touch, whether it be a chocolate fondue with fresh fruit or a champagne fountain, keep the fun of the holidays alive. For some a beautifully decorated Christmas tree always does the trick for the holidays. You may ask guests to come over with their favorite family photos to share with the family. After dinner card and board games are always a big hit and help to occupy your guests. During the holidays live sporting events are quite popular, it is very considerate to have an area where those interested can gather. However you spend your time, whatever you serve to eat, whoever attends, the fact is that you opened your home to your family and friends and that is the biggest gift that you could give. The food will be eaten and the flowers will wilt but the memories of your dinner will live a lifetime.