A woman’s hair is her virtue and glory. If you ask most women what can make the difference in their appearance, they will tell you, their hair. Women feel confident and sexy when they are having a great hair day. Long, short, curly, natural or straight – women love their mane! There is a preference towards longer hair, however as women age,  it is common to opt for shorter styles. Like men can experience a midlife crisis and buy a new sports car,   women may make the decision to take the great chop to demonstrate  liberation or rebellion. And then there are women that have been obsessing over hair for decades that just want a break in the maintenance and expense. Social pressure also compels  women of a certain age to cut their hair into a more “mature” look. Whatever the reason or season, women can do whatever the hell they want to do with their hair. If you are a woman starting to look in the mirror and wonder what to do next  to reinvent yourself, check out some options that could help you rock a new style and get heads turning again!

They will notice but no one will know

Big things are happening in the world of weaves, wigs and braids. These are  viable and stylish options to consider when you want to make a change. Like anything, the hair game is constantly evolving and progressing. Quick weaves are an inexpensive process that provides a temporary but quick hairstyles that can allow you to change up into something different. It’s also a nice way to test the waters of permanently short hair. After a super tight doobie and hair protector, a gluish substance is brushed onto a net affixed to your head and hair is attached to the net. The hair is cut and styled however you please. Warm water can be use to remove when you are ready. It is a great quick option as long as you stay away from water and excess humidity, you will be fine.  


hair extensions on a white background, head painted behind

Microlink extensions (above) are an expensive but very effective process of adding small pieces of hair to various sections of your own hair by way of small clamps at the root of your head. This is not a quick process and requires a match of your hair color and texture. For a more natural look this style requires human hair, however organic hair is suggested. The use of organic hair is slowly becoming popular,  this hair is unprocessed and is actual human hair right off someone’s head! Organic hair is in the big baller league and not only is it pricey, but true organic hair is difficult to come by. 


Wigs of today are also moving towards more natural looks with natural hair and clip in extensions. These hair options can cost considerably more than other packaged natural hair however, this hair is of higher quality and therefore  can be used for years if  taken care of well.  From a single fish tail braid to micro braids – braids are making a comeback. It’s particularly popular when vacationing, over the holidays and in the summertime. All of these options are a nice way to change up your normal style, give your locks a well deserved break and show that there’s still a sexy woman in hair!