Did you know that you can burn 20 calories per minute jumping rope??? Well it is true and all you need is a good jump rope, some space and some intensive motivation!


You may want to start off slow because consecutively jumping for 30 minutes is not easy. Here are a few ideas to get you jumping for joy!


  • Jump rope to music, this will motivate you to keep the pace up for the duration of your favorite song(s).


  • Jump in intervals so that you speed up and slow down to keep from stopping.


  • Move forward or back even in circles to mix it up while you jump.


  • Try walking for 10 minutes and alternating between jumping rope for 5 minutes until you reach your desired time of 30 minutes. Set the bar higher as you reach your goals over time.


  • Decide on a Jump rope routine for the week so that you can mentally prepare to accomplish your goals.


  • Set an overall weekly goal of the calories you’d like to shed and then figure out the days you need to jump to reach your goal.


  • Your goal is to get to the point that you jump at the same pace without stopping for your desired time.


Let’s look at a goal:


If 1 minute of intensive jumping burns 20 calories, then you will need to jump for 50 minutes to reach 1,000 calories burned. Just think about it…if you jump rope for 25 minutes per session 4 times a week, you would roughly burn 2,000 calories a week! And if you couple your jump routine with walking or any interval training, your calories burned could quite possibly double!


Since your jump rope is portable, keep it with you so that you can jump during the day at work, at the park, at your gym, on a business trip, vacation or anywhere else!