In some case it is nice to be like Mike and “just do it”, but when it comes to  buying a knockoff there’s many good reasons to rethink that idea and “just don’t do it”! Knockoff is a nice way to say you are buying a FAKE! It effects our economy, hurts hardworking designers and there are numerous ways to buy authentic merchandise.

These are the reasons why you should never buy a fake!

  • Buying an expensive item of authenticity gives you sense a of accomplishment and when you cut corners there is no real sense of pride.
  • Authentic items don’t compromise your morals and they reflect “true” style.
  • When you buy “the real thing” you have a level of comfort knowing the designer’s logo and hardware are on point.
  • No matter how good, the copy will never perform over time like the authentic item.
  • Buying a genuine item you are provided with a certification of authenticity and performance guarantees.
  • Copies or knockoffs have distinctive differences from the true product.
  • People that have authentic merchandise can usually spot a fake.

Imitation is the biggest form of flattery – unless you’re a designer!

So what’s the big deal? And who really cares anyway? Well, if you are a store like Promgirl selling dresses that look like the original and they are upfront about it. The answer is probably nothing. Kal Raustiala, coauthor of The Knockoff Economy: How Imitation Sparks Innovation, says “copying fashion designers are legal and helps to grow the industry with jobs. There is no copyright law of things that are useful like clothing.”  But these are companies that are doing it the right way. The line is crossed when a patent is involved and the originality is compromised. Even Beyonce has been infringed upon by a Texas company that used her likeness with her Single Ladies song and the “put a ring on it” concept for their knockoff Feyonce with their tagline “he put a ring on it”, selling tee-shirts, hoodies coffee mugs.  A spoof all too close for comfort for Lady B.


While the seller of the replica and purchaser of it benefit, designers are the one’s that get hurt. Sometime it’s in their wallets but more importantly it their reputation as many knockoffs are of poor quality. The workmanship is subpar and many distinctive items can not the duplicated. A counterfeit Rolex, just can’t match the second hand glide across the face like the genuine. Although most clothing gets a pass on the counterfeit laws, handbags, shoes, watches and many other designer merchandise because of their originality do not. You might think that’s harmless until you look deeper to find that the same ring of designer counterfeiters also deal in narcotics, weapons and even child prostitution. Most fakes are produced in China using kids as young as 8 yrs old slaving over glue guns earning less than $3 a day.

Beer money and champagne taste????

Ok, so you want a designer bag or signature watch but you can’t or don’t want to pay retail.  There are many Jewelry stores that discount and offer layaway. Setting up and sticking with a payment plan can get you that special item in due time.  Also, consider an upscale consignment shop, a second hand original is far superior to a new knockoff. They usually only purchase like new items so you can really benefit greatly. There are even online consignment companies that certify their goods and offer a wide range of merchandise.  Just be knowledgeable of the return policy, some charge a restocking fee on returns and some are final sales.