Taking a Leap of Faith is never easy nor comfortable, in fact it’s everything but that. In a nutshell taking a leap of faith is to take an action with no prediction of it’s success. It is making a decision and without further deliberation jumping. Sounds scary huh? Well it is! To take a leap of faith you must really believe that where you’re going, is better than where you are. People that make this decision are more than risk takers, they are visionaries, they are people that have original ideas about what the future can hold. Let’s clarify this, someone that changes a job is not exactly taking a Leap of Faith, people change jobs every day. Now let’s say that person quit a job to work for a new start up company and was going to work on commission because the person believed in the company and product – now that’s taking a Leap of Faith! Here’s a good way to look at it: If most people you know wouldn’t do it, that’s probably a Leap of Faith. But let’s be clear, a Leap of Faith is anchored with some evidence of it’s practicality. Just the words alone give you some indication of that. It’s Leap of Faith, not Fall of Faith and the word Faith tells you that there is some belief. And along with belief there is trust, confidence, optimism, hopefulness and a conviction. Doesn’t sound so bad now huh??? But leaping is just the beginning, the real work starts once the leapers feet hit the ground. And that is where the rubber hits the road and separates the men from the mice.  Let’s look at two people that leaped and are now soaring high in their success.





After a long and successful career in the IT industry, Thorn decided to change career paths and open up Homewatch Caregivers, a home care service agency for all ages and all conditions.  After the challenges with assisting his Wife Tamarha in the last few years of her mother’s life, they envisioned a company that would make such endeavors less stressful, better customized for customers needs and a resource for the entire family.  Homewatch Caregivers is recognized as the premier provider of home care services in Bergen County and Thorn is very involved in the Senior population in this area. This past September, Thorn received the Teaneck Chamber of Commerce Man of The Year Award. He is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, an avid golfer and an amazing family man and friend.

Thorn is a great example of why one should follow their dreams because sometimes your dreams could fulfill a need for others!  Have questions about your elderly parent or family member, you can reach Thorn at : tellerbe@homewatchcaregivers.com







Karina is a Transformational Coach who specializes as a mindfulness and guidance visualization meditation teacher, therapeutic belly dance instructor and empowerment workshop retreat facilitator. She is also a spoken word performance artist.Karina began her study of spirituality under the tutelage of Dr. Iyana Vanzant at Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development in Silver Springs, MD. Also trained at UCLA and Syracuse University, Karina holds a Masters of Science and a BA from Drew. Karina’s leap of faith came when she had to part from the world that she knew as a Freelance Production Assistant where she had multiple clients but knew her calling was bigger than that. Today she holds sacred In Sexy Workshops emphasizing meditation, sensual movement, belly dancing  and sexy breathing in the DC and surrounding areas.  Having a party or small gathering, you can reach her at: goddessdivinakarina@gmail.com