Is your lingerie game on point or can you stand to push the restart button to ignite the inner sexy girl in you? It’s unfortunately, but when people see and think about lingerie they automatically think, sex. Beautiful women’s undergarments and nightwear are about more than just a roll in the hay, lingerie is all about how you feel about yourself and less about how others feel about you. Looking and feeling your best with ultimate confidence from the inside out is pretty much the goal.


Victoria is not only the one with a secret!


When a woman gets dressed, rubs on her favorite scented body lotion, adds a splash of perfume, slips into a matching lingerie set under a power suit and heads off to the office or to an event, she is setting the stage for a winning day. Individual style is a personal choice,  whether it’s silk, satin or cotton your skin enjoys the extra pampering. Padded, unpadded, demi, tee shirt, teddy or push up, your style of bra is whatever makes you “look good”. Full panty, bikini, thong or garter is whatever makes you “feel good”. It’s great to have a variety so that you can change up your look from vixen to cute and plain but still sexy.


Your clothing is for the world, your lingerie is for you!


You might wonder, in a busy world with the pressures of making quota at the office, dinner in the evening and family chores once everyone is asleep, who has time for lingerie?  And I say, “that’s when you really need it”.  It’s so inspiring to feel that extra oomph and get back to spoiling yourself. It doesn’t mean you must run over to Frederick’s of Hollywood and jump into a corset that will give you that snatched hourglass shape, but let’s be clear, that not a bad idea if that makes you feel special, sexy and empowered.


The feeling of sexy has no status!

Sexy is in the eye of the beholder and whether you are married with children, single looking for your soulmate or exhaling from a wicked divorced, a good piece of lingerie will put that extra twist back in your hips. Unleash your inner goddess and celebrate your womanhood in something that will make your insides shine while your secret stays with you!