I think that most will agree that there is nothing like a well groomed man. A smile comes to my face when I think about the clean skin with a well taken care of beard and mustache or clean shaven. Nice hair cut or bald. Neat brows, soft moisturized lips, no ash anywhere, clean clothes with a break in the pant leg before it hits a nice pair of footwear and an smell of a clean fragrance. When I see a man and he looks like this, I give him big time kiddos! Because for years and even still the playing field has been everything but leveled. While women have had the ability to change up and in some cases morph into almost another person with the assistance of foundation, blush, lipstick, mascara, highlighter low lighter, wigs, extensions, clip ins and the list can continue! Men have mostly shown the naked truth. Alexander O’Neil even had a song about it :

you seem to change it every day.
Your hair was long
but now it’s short
You say: I got it cut
but I don’t see no hair upon the floor.
Whenever I go out with you I find out something new.
You’re a fake

He goes on to sing…

You had brown eyes
but now they’re blue
Those false eyelashes that you’re wearing too.

Now I’m not gonna say women are fakes because there is nothing wrong with some embellishing here and there, quite frankly it’s really what men want.  A man’s look for the most part is a little more authentic. There’s been a lot of talk lately about Metrosexual men and from the initial thought one might start to wonder about that term.  According the British Dictionary,  A Metrosexual is a man that is sexually attracted to women but who is also interested in fashion and his appearance.  Sounds like most of the men you know might be Metrosexual huh? Let’s for purposes of time focus on the appearance aspect of this definition. According to Glenn Kelley, Professor of Marketing at Babson College “The men’s grooming category is actually one of the fastest growing categories in the personal care market right now”.  The market is exploding in sales of body wash, deodorants, shaving balms, lotions, body sprays and colognes. Salons are realizing the income potential in this booming industry. There are men’s salons popping up like Chicago Male that offer hair, face and body treatments all in a comfort zone with “the guys”.   Most men care about their appearance and want to do a little more than a shape up and will frequent a local barber shop with home touch ups in between the professional shave. While shaping up there are other fuzzy areas as well.  Nose hairs, ear hairs and  the brows may need some trimming.

There’s nothing wrong with encouraging and helping to groom your man

Whether it’s shaving or waxing, the removal or trimming of hair on a man’s body for cosmetic effect is considered Manscaping. It has nothing to do with  sexuality but  preference. Hair or no hair is the question. Some like the feel of a hairy man’s chest and the masculine look of lots of hair.  While others like the smooth skin and the ability to see each and every muscle and ripple. Weight lifting competitions have made the hairless man acceptable since bareskin is one of their ground rules.  As long as the hair removal is done with properly cleaned and well maintained tools, the scaper is abiding by good hygiene practices  and body parts are handled with care; the gap on the playing field will get closer for beauty and the beast!