As we age, going to bed and actually going to sleep can be two separate challenges. Getting enough rest is not over rated, to function properly it is a must. Lack of sleep is a contributor of many illness, weight gain, stress and accidents. The optimal amount of sleep that is required varies from person to person, however, the average person does best with 7-9 hours nightly. There are many factors that can possibly stand in the way of you counting as many Zzzz’s as you’d like. Too much stimuli in your bedroom, work schedules, various medical conditions, a snoring mate and maybe the biggest reason…your mattress! At the time of the sale, it is usually stated that a mattress will “hold up” for 20 years, however that does not mean that it will still feel the same way as the years climb towards its life cycle. There are those that suggest you change your mattress at or around the 10 year mark. Its is also suggested that you flip your mattress every 6 months to help preserve it’s life. Most people will do the flip for the first year or so and then pretty much forget about it.  

Many women given the opportunity for a night of sleep or a great sex will chose sleep

A great night of undisturbed rest will help with relieving pain, better attitude, less stress, weight loss, better health, more energy, better focus and amazing career success. So how do you know what mattress is best for you and what mattress is best for your partner?  If it’s just you then the selection is far easier than if you are picking a mattress for two. Finding a mattress to fit into the lifestyle and sleep patterns of two people can be anything but relaxing. Some prefer firm, some soft, pillow top, memory foam, laying flat or elevated and the list can go on. When a compromise can not be reached, many couples will opt for the split king size with a base that can be adjusted as each partner sees fit. The opportunity to decide how you relax and how you sleep can be life changing. So with that in mind, how much is your happiness worth??? Finding the perfect mattress that fits into your budget can have its own challenges. Some believe that it’s better to purchase a less expensive  mattress that will last for 5 years oppose to a more expensive one that will last for 10 years. Either way a good mattress with an adjustable or non adjustable base is not cheap.

Beds now can monitor your heart rate and breathing to shed light on your sleep patterns

One of the best places to consider purchasing a mattress is a department store. Some offer interest free credit and also have big sales over popular holidays. Furniture stores are another source that offer a variety of brands. Don’t be afraid to consider buying a brand that you are not familiar with, some less popular companies are comparable in comfort and offer a better price point. It is usually said that stores offer price matching, however it is likely impossible to take advantage of this claim since the names of mattresses vary from store to store purposely preventing you from comparison shopping. Watching weekly circulars may help reveal sales to come. It is believed that January is the best time to purchase a new mattress since many of the popular holidays are over and  the stock that is still available needs to go. If you have accumulated  credit card points consider using them towards the purchase of your new mattress set and sleep in comfort knowing your money has worked for you!