Back in the kitchen for yet another homemade do it yourself hair treatment. This time our focus is on stopping the breakage and shedding. It is heartbreaking to comb your hair and see broken strands covering your bathroom sink. This odd item in your kitchen will stop the breakage, promote hair growth and shine.


Potatoes are loaded with vitamin A, B and C. They contain calcium, zinc, potassium and iron.  Potatoes are high in starch and contain crazy amounts of nutrients that stimulate hair growth! Potatoes as a hair mask or used in a final hair rinse can prove to be just the ingredient that can put an end to your breakage and build the hair you have on your head into thicker, shinier and healthier hair. With consistency and patience, you can see unbelievable results!



  • 3 Regular sized potatoes
  • 1 egg
  • 1 full tablespoon of honey or Royal Jelly

Wash and cut potatoes with skin in half and add 3  cups of water, boil til soft. Cool potatoes and water. Put potatoes in blender or food processor with ½ cup of potato water, set remainder of boiled potato water to side for later rinse. Remove blended potato mixture and strain potato juice with strainer or muslin cloth into a small dish, you may also allow some of the potato to be added to the liquid for more consistency and benefits.  Add well beaten egg and honey or royal jelly, mix ingredients together and apply to the scalp of freshly washed hair. Massage mixture 5-10 minutes into scalp and out to ends of hair, cover with plastic cap and let sit  20 mins or more. Rinse out well with warm water and lightly shampoo or use a cleansing conditioner. Detangle hair in usual manner. Follow directions below for Potato Hair Rinse


Strain boiled potato water from above process removing any potato pieces , add ½ cup of tap water to potato water and rinse mixture throughout hair and massage from scalp to ends.  Lightly rinse out if desired, leaving the majority of potato water in hair. Style as usual. For best results, potato mixture should be used same day as prepared.