There has never been a better time than now to be middle aged!  Middle age is usually considered the halfway point of life expectancy.  Today most people live well into their 80’s and beyond. For women 40 is being considered the mid way point and 37 for men since the life expectancy is 6-8 years earlier than women. Family ancestry play an important role in life expectancy, so if your family tends to swing high on the older side, barring any unexpected circumstance you too can expect to have more candles on your birthday cake. The great news is that the best is yet to come after you hit 40!  With careers and financial success on the rise,  older kids in the home or gone to put your good rearing to use, it’s now the time to focus on yourself, your mate and enjoying the rest of your lives together. Since social attitudes are changing, the mental and physical outlooks are playing a major role in extending and prolonging old age.


At the table of life, no one orders a heap of age with a side of pain  

The fact that you can decide when you consider yourself old should be a very liberating proposition. This is certainly one of those circumstances where mind over matter applies. We all know that things will happen if you live long enough. It is not the event but how you deal with it and how you chose to accept it in your life. By mid way, you  have gone through school, built a family, began a career and are hopefully thriving financially. If not, there is still plenty of time.  In this prime age group, you are a part of the most instrumental demographic there is. As a “prime timer” you are in the middle juggling raising kids along with helping the parents that raised you. Moneywise, your group has the most disposable income since you have the most money to spend or save after all your obligations have been met. You and your peers are decision makers for three generations and have huge buying power. You don’t need to get in the game because you are the game. With knowledge being power,  it is understandable that you want to do whatever is necessary to stay in these prime years as long as possible.  

It is not the power you have but what you do with it

So you made the the decision to age gracefully and use the knowledge that you are learning to do all the things that you know about living a long prosperous life. The more material possessions that you accumulate, the more you should gravitate to understanding the big picture. It is not how long you live, but more importantly, how you live and the things that you accomplish while you are here. Each day is a gift and should lead you to your purpose and deliver the gifts that you were brought here to give.  While you will share your space and time with others, you will live your life as an individual.  Your prime time is everyday and with each sand that slips through the hourglass of time you are no doubt making the biggest imprint on the wall of life. One day, long from now you will reflect back and marvel at the person you are today!