“Give a man a handshake, and he’ll claim that he met you.

Give a man a cigar and he’ll call you a friend for life”

For Men, there’s nothing like a good cigar, a  glass of something to sip on and a guy or two to kick it with. Why do men love smoking cigars so much??? Some say it’s the time that they have to relax and to just enjoy their leisure time, others talk about the people that they meet and the different stories they exchange, most reflect back and mention the flavor of a good cigar. More important than why they love them is, how. Most cigar smokers talk a lot about where their cigars come from, Nicaragua, Honduras, Dominican Republic and of course Cuba.  The mood and circumstance will dictate which cigar will be smoked. There are short cigars that can be puffed while walking the dog or long sticks that can last over two hours while sipping on some brown liquor reminiscing on the past with the fellas. There are celebratory occasions like a wedding, the birth of a baby or new job and then they’re times when smoking a cigar will get you through the news of a dear friend’s death. Everything can be worked out and nothing seems to be a problem as long as a man has product on hand.

Like women, there are good cigars and there are better ones

Good cigars are hand rolled from one single leaf, this wrapper is most important and gives the cigar its taste and intensity. Cigars range from mild to full body in strength and there are different tastes and notes. Many cigar smokers like to exchange and gloat on their rare finds. “It is a great feeling to give someone a cigar that they’ve always heard of or one that is completely new and blows their mind” says Mike a cigar enthusiast.  Like anything else, puffing cigars in moderation is not a problem. Unlike cigarettes, cigars are not inhaled and therefore do not have the same concerns as cigarettes do. Ironically, there is the belief that in moderation, cigar smoking offers some health benefits. The relaxation of a cigar decreases and may prevent stress and encourages calm thoughts which can decrease anxiety. A glass of red wine or brandy can in addition cut down your blood pressure and help prevent heart disease by improving blood flow through the vessels. Of course diet and exercise play important roles as well.

smokenmikesSo if you’re thinking about taking up this favorite past time it’s only fair to warn you that it’s an expensive habit. Not only will you purchase pricy cigars (ranging anywhere from $10 bucks to $150 or more),  but there’s the humidor to store them in to keep them fresh, lighters, cutters, puncher and of course you’ll need a cool big ass ashtray. And let’s not forget about the lady puffers that men enjoy smoking with from time to time. More and more women are picking up the habit for some of the same bonding and social reasons. So when you can’t beat ‘um join ‘um. Puff in good health and stay thirsty my friends!

February 27th is National Cigar Day