For years I have heard about this concept, but the idea of eating dinner in the morning always made me nauseous! Not until one night after a late lunch I decided to wrap up my dinner in the fridge. When I awoke the next morning, I reached for my usual 2 eggs to scramble and the thought crossed my mind and before I knew it I pushed the eggs back and was actually eating baked chicken, garlic potatoes and string beans in the morning! And then it made perfect sense to me. After sleeping a full 8 hours without anything to eat or drink I am probably at my hungriest and so I should eat big. I am very active during the day so by lunchtime my dinner which is actually my breakfast has been worked off so I eat a normal lunch and continue to power through the day. I workout right after work and by the time I get home it’s already 7pm so I eat my smallest meal, my breakfast for dinner. Sounds crazy right? But by doing this I have lost 6lbs the first week and 4lbs the second without changing my workout or depriving myself from anything!  This is what I’ve been doing:


Morning – Heavy dinner foods

  • Chicken, rice with broccoli
  • Steak, potato and spinach
  • Salmon, mash potatoes and string beans
  • Lasagna and a salad
  • Meatloaf and cabbage

Lunch Sensible but filling

  • Salad with chicken or shrimp
  • Turkey sandwich lettuce and tomato with fruit
  • Tuna and crackers and cucumber
  • Burger pattie with sweet potato fries
  • Chicken salad wrap sandwich with lettuce and tomato

Night – Very lite foods that don’t stick

  • Soup w/crackers
  • Oatmeal with fruit
  • 2 eggs with sausage
  • Bowl of cereal with banana
  • Fruit parfait

In the morning eat like a king, in the evening eat like a pauper

*It is rare but if I need a snack before bed I’ll grab some almonds, slice an avocado, boil an egg or drink a glass of peppermint tea. I also drink an 8oz bottle of water with every meal and in between meals. I try to have my last meal before 8pm and do not have my first meal until after 8am. Without even trying I am losing weight and eating the same foods but just at different times.