If you’re about to put a ring on it there are a few important things that you must know before heading out to the jewelry store. I’m sure you feel pretty confident that your love will oblige you and say “yes”, so we’ll move on to the ring size. There are a few ways other than simply asking to find this out.  Measure another ring, ask a close friend to secretly probe or play the newlywed game and ask questions about the both of you i.e. your shoe size, height, weight, neck size, waist etc… and of course the ring size ( this could also work in a group of couples very well). Most women measure anywhere between 5 and 7 with 6 being most popular, while men range from sizes 8-14 with 9 ½ being average.


Set a budget  –  Whether you’re paying cash or credit it’s practical to have a budget in mind that will be comfortable. Some say a guide is roughly two times your monthly salary, others say four. Keep in mind that this is a piece of jewelry that your love will most likely wear each and every day for years to come. You are not just buying a ring for today, you are buying a ring for the future as well.


Cut and Shape – There are many choices of stones but since most people tend to purchase diamonds let’s work with this precious stone. Whether it’s round, oval or princess the cut gives the diamond its brilliance and its fire. The better the angles and precise positioning of the cut, the better the sparkle. 


Color – The lack of color or more colorless the diamond, the higher the grade. Grade of a diamond ranges from D-Z  with D being colorless, therefore the better grade. Most will say that anything above I is most desirable.


Clarity – The fewer or no imperfections the better the diamond. On a scale this is how clarity is viewed :


F –  Flawless

IF – Internally Flawless (flaws outside of diamond)

VVS1 & VVS2 (Very slight ad very very slight flaws)

SI1 & SI2 (Slight included inside of diamond)

I, I1 & I2 (Included inside diamond)


Carat – Most people think the the carat refers to the size of the diamond but the carat actually refers to the weight of the diamond, better known as CTW Carat Total Weight. The carat doesn’t necessarily refer to it’s value, all things considered determine a diamond’s value.


Certification – Once you purchase your ring you will want a grade report that will provide you the value of the ring. Keep in mind that the value and what you actually paid for the ring may differ depending on any price reductions or savings that may have been associated with your purchase.


Congratulations – The last thing to consider is how and when you will pop the question. Know that it will be something that you both will always remember and talk about forever so make it special, thoughtful and don’t forget to take a knee!