The real test of any relationship is a Road Trip! The better compatible you are with your travel partners, the smoother the trip will more than likely be. With a little preparation, patience and consideration, your next road trip could be smooth as the road.

How to take a road trip without anyone trippin’:


  • Map out the trip, knowing the route, mileage and estimated time of arrival.
  • Decide who will drive which portions of the trip.
  • Agree on gas stops, restroom and food/lodging breaks.
  • Determine co pilot responsibilities.
  • Organize food and drinks that will be available in the vehicle.
  • Prepare music that will be the backdrop of your trip.
  • Make sure all cell phones are fully functioning and changers are on board.
  • Make sure the vehicle has been checked from hood to trunk.
  • Have any emergency numbers or road side assistance on hand.
  • Make sure all valid driver’s license, insurance and registration are readily available.
  • Make sure any EZpass or toll payment is in the vehicle.
  • Have an emergency kit handy.
  • Consider traveling with a second set of keys.


  • Determine a budget for the entire trip.
  • Discuss where all money will come from and bring any receipts or paperwork that will demonstrate payment, reservations or any other paperwork.
  • Keep written record of what has been spent, what needs to be paid and additional money (ie. gas, food, lodging, tolls).
  • Make copies or know account numbers in case of loss or fraud.


  • Keep the trip stress free, enjoy spending time with your riding partners and avoid conversations that will jeopardise the peace.
  • Make sure everyone is well hydrated and comfortable.
  • Prepare a fun game(s) that can be played without compromising safety.
  • Pay attention even though your road guidance may be instructing you.
  • Keep heads up for one another when stopping at public places.
  • Celebrate milestones along the way until you reach your destination.
  • Make someone not traveling with you aware of your travel plans and keep them abreast of your whereabouts.
  • Document your trip to share with the members of your trip once you return.