Just because you are not caucasian doesn’t mean that rosacea can not affect you. African American, Latino and Asian’s are often misdiagnosed or overlooked when Rosacea is actually the culprit.  Since the main symptom is redness, it is assumed the browner tones are exempt. This recurring skin problem is a form of adult acne with an average age of 40. People with sensitive skin are more susceptible to this condition. Unfortunately, there is no real cure however there are known triggers that can cause an eruption.

  • hot beverages like coffee and tea
  • spicy foods
  • hot showers
  • hot weather
  • red wine

It is also important to avoid abrasive products on the affected area, as rubbing will only spread the redness and make matters worse.  Sadly, people with more pigment in the  skin and uneven tones were under the impression that applying Cortisone and Hydrocortisone creams were the answer to clear even, beautiful skin. I was one of these people and I may have aided in developing rosacea or a  like condition.  To make matters worse, when the cortisone was discontinued, withdrawal of the product was a skin disaster. If you are suffering from this annoying skin condition it is recommended that you see a dermatologist. Once diagnosed, you will either be put on an oral antibiotic and or topical medication. Results will appear 4-6 weeks after usage. Discovering and maintaining a personal beauty a regime  is the key to keeping rosacea under control.

There is no need to suffer when help is available

Once you have discovered the proper oral or topical medication you will want to relook at the beauty products that you have been using. First replace any sponges and any application materials that you have been using. Cleanliness is very important in keeping rosacea at bay. I like some of the disposable products or sponges that can be cleaned thoroughly.  You will want to use a moisturizing sunscreen everyday before applying any make up. Even if your facial products contain  SPF, you still need sunscreen. Let me repeat this, even people of color, with black don’t crack skin still need to wear sunscreen everyday, even when it rains or you’re  only driving in the car, don’t leave home without it!  Since I have been religious with sunscreen I have noticed that my complexion is more even and some of the dark spots in my skin are finally fading. My sister swears by Elta MD Skincare SPF 40, it is light, moisturizing and it’s tined. She was so adamant that I use it,  that she bought from Amazon and had it sent to me! I am so thankful she did because I love it.

I am not one for layering product after product on my face. First of all, I get hot fast and second, I am always running late so I like to keep my makeup application time under 10 minutes. Covering up rosacea is no easy task, lately I’ve come across some interesting green corrector concealers that are formulated to cover up small red spots I bought Loreal Magic Anti Redness  in the drugstore and it works pretty well.

Who would ever think green neutralize red!

I have tried most foundations and I thought the heavier the more I’ll trick people into thinking that I have flawless skin – Not!  Heavier is not better. Since one of the triggers for rosacea is heat, this does not work. Add menopause and it can be an embarrassing disaster! For me, BareMinerals Bareskin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation SPF 30 does the trick. It is the right amount of coverage and get this…one or two drops on my pink sponge covers my entire face! Other than a hit of blush on the apples of my cheeks, brow fill in, mascara and lipstick, I’m done. I never workout in my makeup and I wash my face every night in the shower so that I am sure to get every spot!  I don’t care how late,  if I’ve been drinking or fell asleep on the couch, I drag my ass into the shower!

Lastly, a lukewarm cup of organic Spearmint tea helps the with bacteria and therefore helps to reduce acne and may also help your rosacea as well.