If you want to get an idea of what heaven must be like, step into one of these sauna spas also known as bath houses and you might get an idea. Most of them are huge and offer dry saunas, steam rooms, bath and jacuzzi,  massage areas, food, yoga space and sleeping rooms. They are gorgeous in design and offer a variety of saunas made with different materials to benefit your health in various ways:

Charcoal  stimulates sweat glands and eliminate built-up toxins, increase blood circulation, and strengthen the body’s immune system to diseases.

Salt strengthens your cardiovascular system and increase blood circulation while flushing out impurities in the body, and releasing dead skin cells.

Clay is a natural mud that works to release heavy metals in the detoxification process and eliminate the body of impurities and waste.

Ice helps bring the body temperature down, closes pores, and tightens the skin.


Through the process, the saunas and steam rooms help relieve tension, promotes blood flow, reduces stress, removes toxins, opens sinuses, helps in cardiovascular disease, promote weight loss and even helps clear acne.


An entry fee will gain you access into the facility allowing you to roam freely throughout the many saunas, steams and jacuzzis. Additional costs will be incurred for the various massage, body treatments and skincare. Spending all day or evening  taking advantage of all that a place such as this has to offer is well within reason. You will thoroughly enjoy yourself, feel completely rejuvenated  and your body inside and out will thank you.