Kim Kardashian took a self absorbed picture of her booty, posted it  and wha la, the world decided to keep up with the Kardashian and indulge in this picture taking and posting frenzy!  The definition of a selfie was added to Webster’s Dictionary just recently in 2013 and is defined as a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or a webcam and shared via social media. Taking it a step further once the phenomenon blew up, Kim continued in her self success and authored a collection of her selfies and suitably titled it, Selfish. In this day and age it’s nice when young women celebrate themselves and embrace their beauty and bodies. We speak of confidence and know how important it is to have self esteem, but are selfies adding to our esteem or are they taking the shine out of our inner light and overexposing it to the public?

When is too much self enough???

There are solo pics, pics with friends pics, lovers, pics with celebs, idols and even strangers. We have become such a visual society that relying on our words and memories to fondly recall later  are simply unheard of.  With all that this generation has and all of the conveniences that they have at their disposal, there can be a level of pitty that can be felt for them. The days of having actual friends, not friends online that have never been to your home, met your family and don’t really even know your real name are gone. Forget peer pressure at least when we had that it was a dare and a persuasion not like today, where this generation is subject to actually seeing someone suck their lips through a glass and think “ah that’s a viable beauty tip”. And how about learning more in the classroom or at the dinner table with your family than on the internet! So how does the conversation about a selfie lead all the way to what this generation doesn’t have? Perhaps it’s time to stop looking through the lens of life and absorb ourselves into…our selfies!

Smile, tilt, pooch out your lips and think about how hottt you are

Ok, so now that self absorption is exposed, let’s talk about loving your selfie and your self! Before you can take good selfie and by good, that’s a pic that you actually like once you see it. You will need a smartphone or webcam. Most people are critical of themselves so the best selfie is one that is taken when you are actually enjoying yourself or your confidence is at its peak. You may choose to use a selfie stick (let’s not criticize), or you can extend your arm like gumby, the further extended the more people you can fit in but when you are taking a solo selfie it’s best to bring your phone in close. Lighting is important so it’s best to step into the light for indirect lighting and not have the light behind you unless you’re outdoors in that case, you want the sun behind you with your head blocking the sun. Right before sunset or sunrise provide perhaps the best lighting for your selfie. Positioning of the phone is important, it is more in the wrist and less angling of the phone. A slight tilt of the head is more natural than tilting the phone. Now for the moment of truth… if we could we’d all want that sexy booty pic right? There’s nothing wrong with wanting to see a beautiful body that belongs to you. It may take practice but now that we’re in the selfie game, what does time matter?  Using a mirror, pose from behind with lighting in the front. Angle yourself into the mirror position the phone at hip pointed downward, suck your tummy in and pop your booty out with your feet close together. Now you too are keeping up with the Kardashian!