Finally making it up the top of the corporate ladder only to find that it’s a ticking time bomb and you’ve graciously made it in just enough time to catch the shrapnel of this rapidly declining business. What used to be a Glass Ceiling of impossible terrain to navigate up and through is now a Glass Cliff waiting for your arrival to catch your predecessor’s curveball of mistakes and mismanagement on your way back down.


Set up you ask? 


For the bravest of the brave, you know the woman that can take a lickin and keep tickin – no pun intended. The woman that if you push her you’ll realize that she snached you down the black hole along with her -there is some life atop the Glass Cliff for the “hard to push” and regardless of the teedar toddler motion you will get to witness why God chose for women to be natural breeders and push through anything!


It is not by chance or coincidence that Women are brought to the head of the table once the ship has taken on water, if not already under. Women realize more than Men that once they are given a chance, failure is not an option because women are judged and based on their gender while all men have to do is consider themselves. If a man doesn’t work out, he isn’t fit for the position while a woman can screw up a generation of other qualified women if things go south with her.


Once a capable woman hits the scene she must clean up the mess, anticipate the curveballs, work harder, longer and for less. She has to remain strong as black coffee while being served black coffee by her mentor, play nice be humble, sexy but not a sex symbol, be like the Devil Wears Prada without being a Devil or wearing Prada. She can be called a Lady Boss just not a lady or boss separately.


You may wonder why or how a woman would even consider these obstacles and stresses a meaningful work option. I mean who needs daily ambushing  with all the other land mines in the world?  It boils down to identifying the characteristics of a Glass Ceiling Climber and stepping up. When you have these qualities perhaps it’s not just stepping up but more stepping into what you’ve worked so hard for and who you are.


In life there are players, owners and fans, all working unison with one another. The game doesn’t revolve around one position over the other. Find out who you are in the game and play like your life depends on it because it just might. And whether you’re on your way up, grounded at the top, know that you are not alone and a whole Gender of Queens are waiting to thank you for paving the way!!