We asked 10 fashion forward women what they like best about men’s style, this is what they said…


Fragrance, I love to smell a man that has a signature scent. Men’s cologne is so bold and strong,  a nice fragrance describes his personality and his confidence. I can always tell if a man is really clean and if he layered his fragrance with body lotion and scented deodorant.


I think it’s very sexy for a man to have a nice watch and not looking at a cellphone all of  the time…Grown and sexy. Usually with a nice watch are manicured nails!


There’s nothing like a man in a great, stylish, well made suit.  In this day so many men dress casual and don’t wear suits after work hours.  When you see a man in a great suit with a white shirt and tie…yum!!!


I like the sleek new fitted look in men’s slacks and well fitted shirts. I think a lean body benefits well with attire such as this. This style gives him a custom look without spending the money on a custom fit and is a chic look.


It is not common, but when I see a man reach in his pocket and pull out a nice bundle of bills with a money clip that shows style. A guy I dated had his monogramed and I thought about how much detail he put towards his style and I complemented him!


Jeans, it’s all about the fit, the wash and the cut. When a guy has on jeans that are ill fitting it’s such a turn off and shows his immaturity and lack of style. Add a black V neck and wow!


A man in nice current active wear is stylish and It shows he wants to be comfortable or that he is athletic. If he has it all together down to nice footwear he has me at “hello”.


A nice thick belt that matches his shoes shows that he pays attention to detail, I don’t like the mismatch look ugh!


A  thin wallet, when a man pulls out a big bulky wallet I always say more paper than money! That look is terrible and the only thing I hate more, is how it looks in his back pocket!


A tuxedo, I adore a guy in a tux especially if it’s his, therefore it fits him perfectly.  I’m not too into the bow tie or the other stuff just the tux in midnight blue does it for me. Sexy!