Despite the fact that we are perfectly knowledgeable about the health benefits associated with walking, we pass on it.  In addition, we know that walking as many steps per day is the object of the game, still we pass.  So many people would incorporate this amazing low impact activity into their daily schedule if it weren’t… sooooo boring! What if you could walk while doing something that you enjoyed doing, like talking on the phone with your girl! Why not hit one bird with two stones and get in your exercise while catching up on the dirt!!! Just think about it, having a friend or family member in another city can help you both bond while dropping the pounds. All you need is a cell phone, ear piece and a virtual workout partner. Here’s how you get in as close to 10,000 steps as possible.



  • Walking 20 minutes per mile = 2,000 steps
  •   3 miles per hour = 6,000 steps total


So, as you can see, hitting 10,000 steps is no joke, it’s real work especially if you are expecting to talk as you walk. Working your way up to 10,000 steps is what is suggested daily, but as you can see walking a 20 minute mile you will need to do 5 miles/ one hour and 40 minutes to hit 10,000 steps.  If you are an active person and walk throughout the day you can expect to hit 10,000 steps by walking an hour (as shown above) and maintaining an active schedule during the day.  

Make an effort to park your car further, take the stairs and move throughout the day

As you walk make an effort to suck in your tummy, shoulders back and use your breathing to work your core. In no time you will see amazing results and your health will be better. In the process, you would have spent great time with a friend or family member while encouraging someone in your life to Walk N’ Talk with you!  


Bonus: Jump rope before or after your walk, just 15 mins can knock off 215 calories for the average person!!!