It’s no secret that race relations all around the world is under a microscope and that particular groups of people are being looked at with the side eye. For some it is one of the worst times to be a minority and for others it’s business as usual. But somewhere in between are people that don’t see color and are living in 2017 in black and white. For them the true shades of color don’t include bigotry, hatred, discrimination or anything hurtful. Their view of color is a rainbow of love, commitment and overcoming the stereotypes of what love should look like. To tell someone how and who they should love is like telling someone how to control the blood flowing through their veins. You may be able to acquire a taste for certain foods and even the strong taste of straight liquor but who you love is in your heart and no one should be asked to apologize for receiving their blessing.


It’s sad but the first people to scrutinize an interracial couple is usually their family. Unless the couple or one of the partners were reared to believe that all people are created equal and that love sees no color, the family is perhaps disappointed at best. Once most families see that the person out of their race is nice and makes their family member happy, people tend to move on and wish them the best. But today there’s more than color or race that divides us, there’s religion, sexual preferences, cultural difference, disabilities and income gaps.


Out of the racial options, White-Hispanic ranks first with White-Asian second and White-Black coming in third. Interracial marriages are on the rise and that’s great! Anytime two people with different backgrounds and family dynamics look past all of the obstacles and love over rules, that’s a win for our society. If God blesses their union and doesn’t judge why should anyone?  So the next time you see interracial couple, look at them with admiration for having the courage to love in the eye of scrutiny. Give them the respect to not judge them outwardly or internally. Love is a choice and clearly they have chosen love!