He asked and you said “yes”, congratulations on your new engagement!!!  This is an extremely exciting time and I am sure you are still glowing! Well enjoy the bliss but once your feet hit the round again there will be much to do before the big day.

Here are a few things to consider in the first month of your engagement

  • Of course you’ll want to spread the word and show off the evidence of bling!
  • You’ll want to make sure your new jewel is fully insured. Check into your homeowners or renters insurance as well.
  • An engagement party will be a great way to celebrate and talk about your future plans.
  • Begin buying Bridal Magazines for ideas and local options.
  • Purchase a wedding organizer/album to keep your paperwork orderly and easily accessible.
  • Start thinking of a date or an approximate season to solidify your nuptials.
  • Begin considering the ceremony and reception options ie. Church ceremony, destination wedding, indoor/outdoor hotel reception. Depending on the demand of sites in your area, you might to to lock in on the site as early as possible.
  • If ready, ask your Maid of Honor and Bestman to do you the honors.
  • Begin discussing with your future spouse the number and who will be bridesmaids, groomsmen and other roles in your wedding party.
  • Talk with parents and future spouse to establish how many guests will be invited.
  • Contact your local newspaper to be added to their newly engaged announcements.


Next things to consider 

  • Discuss a budget for your reception, wedding and honeymoon.
  • Establish who will be responsible for paying for what and a timeline for each payment.
  • Once a desired date has been established begin looking for venues for your ceremony and reception sites.
  • Decide who will proceed over your nuptials.
  • If required, begin scheduling marriage consulting classes through your Church if this where it will be held.
  • Hire a wedding consultant or someone to assist you with the planning for your event.
  • Consider what type of food  and drinks you’d like to serve and what style ie. formal dinner, buffet, cocktail reception, open bar…
  • Begin thinking about or booking other wedding services ie. florist, photographer, videographer, DJ, band, cake, transportation, rentals etc.
  • Establish your wedding colors, wedding style and of course your wedding attire.
  • Order wedding dress, wedding party dresses and tuxedos.
  • Pick out wedding bands and other wedding accessories.
  • If necessary send out Save The Date pre invites and also begin looking into invitations.
  • Complete necessary paperwork in the area in which you will be married ie. marriage license, blood tests and any other required documentation.
  • Make sure Passports are in order and up to date.
  • Work with venues to prepare a schedules and layout for the ceremony and reception.
  • Schedule your ceremony rehersal and rehersal dinner for the wedding party and family members.
  • Decide where you’d like to honeymoon and begin planning that excursion. Remember to let your destination know that you will be on your honeymoon so that they are prepared to receive you as a newlywed couple.


And more things…

  • Consider name change and the necessary paperwork and procedure for new identification.
  • Hire makeup artist and hair stylist for your wedding day look.
  • Stay on dress fitting schedule and make sure to observe a weight management program.
  • Register for gift registry at desired store(s) and get registry cards for insertion in invites.
  • Provide venue with head count of guests and find out the date that final count is required.
  • Consider accommodations for your out of town guests.
  • Write your wedding program, seat chart and place cards if assigned seating is opted.
  • Decided on first dance song and other music choices.
  • Purchase gift for parents, wedding party and each other.
  • Make sure all payments are on track and future payments are scheduled.
  • Reiterate agreements with all vendors and sit down again to make sure all things are still available and understood.


Don’t forget to…..

  • Ask a friend or relative to get you to the airport or your destination for the evening.
  • Assign a point person to return rentals, take wedding gown to cleaners, return tux etc.
  • Write your vows.
  • Pick up wedding bands and assign point person to hold them day of wedding.
  • Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue!
  • Prepare an emergency kit containing any and everything you can think of ie. needle and thread, extra hose, ballet slippers, krazy glue, tape, bobbie pins, rubber bands, clear polish, book of matches, vaseline, mints, cough drops, back of an earring, extra panties, hanky, powder, smelling salts,  eye drops, hair spray, power bar, tampon, panty liner, lip gloss, safety pins, baby wipes, deodorant, dental floss, tylenol and whatever else you can only wish you won’t need!


Day of wedding best advise…

  • EAT!


Good luck and if you need any advice, contact me at leslie@fortyfiftysexty.com